In Balance Books is a full service provider for your tax and bookkeeping requirements. Since 1982 we have assisted clients in these important areas.

Certified-QuickBooks-ProAdvisorQuickBooks Problem Solving, Sales, and Support;

  • A QuickBooks Specialist since 2000
  • Achieved the Gold Level of QuickBooks expertise
  • Service, troubleshoot and solve problems with existing systems
  • Select and install new QuickBooks systems
  • Train clients’ staff in QuickBooks procedures
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 2002

Strategic Workflow Designs;

  • Determine Profit or Loss on a job by job basis
  • Analyzing your current workflow and designing improvements to reduce redundancy, improve efficiency, and lower managerial costs
  • Joint effort with management to maximize organizational goals

Bookkeeping Services;

  • We provide monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting
  • Confidential payroll preparation either on-site or off-site
  • Services required for accurate and timely financials, including quarterly and annual tax filings and workman’s compensation audit information

Tax Preparation Services Concentrating On;

  • Maximizing your tax savings
  • Determining all potential legal deductions
  • Tax advantages for both individuals and business
  • Establishing farming as an agri-business
  • Specialist at Farm Tax Returns and Closely Held Corporation returns
  • Assistance with tax related notices

Bookkeeping Software Support;

  • Expert assistance in the selection, installation, training, and customizing financial software to your individual business needs
  • Design and implement procedures required to maximize software benefits

Bills Management;

  • Establish easy to follow bill paying regiments
  • Take advantage of allowed payment discounts
  • Avoid overdraft and late payment charges

Purchase Planning;

  • Strategic tax advantage planning for major purchases and expenditures
  • Utilizing discretionary income to its maximum benefit
  • Compare labor cost for similar jobs in the immediate area

Work Sites Flexibility;

  • We have two convenient offices to serve your needs
  • At your request our staff will work at your home or business
  • Only a phone call away whenever your tax or financial decisions need an answer

Shut In Service;

  • We offer Shut In Service at the client’s request
  • Home, Hospital, Assisted Living Centers visitation available as needed, year round

Serve Your Immediate Needs;

  • In addition to our scheduled assistance we are available, “As needed” to answer your questions, concerns, and planning needs

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